We mainly provide consulting services in integrating traditional business to their internet needs.
We also work with brands as their design and development partner.   


In addition to assessing, adjusting and improving our clients' value proposition in internet, we can highlight these three areas that differentiate us:

Programmatic Media Buying


Since 2007, we have worked in consulting to buy advertising using SEM —Search Engine Marketing—. Then after in 2013, we were able to offer more sophisticated knowledge adding auction platforms [DSP] based on statistics of our clients' sites, their social networks, their emaling bulletin systems as well as using data from profiling platforms [DMP]

Also, we set up software to publish non-paid content with the use of Content machines; decisions driven by our clients' audiences stats and their interests.

Mobile + E-commerce

We give priority to the use of mobile devices by the audiences, due to the reports that indicate the accelerated growth in the penetration globally by entities such as chambers of E-Commerce, ministries of communications and associations like the IAB—International Advertising Bureau.

Some of our clients sell products and services online to consumers [B2C] as well as to other organizations [B2B].

Training + Consulting

Our business model seeks to have long-term relationships with our clients. For this reason, we transfer knowledge, develop capabilities in internal teams and share references in a rapidly changing world, this as a result of technological development.

We walk through together and advise those who trust their business needs in us, to decide what priority to give to their different ways of adding value to their consumers, audiences and stakeholders.



Some of us have worked from the brands end. From CPG, to retailers or in different industries. This helps us to better understand a wide range of audiences characteristics.



Business contact

  US +1     404 478 65 04
CO+57   310 310 80 23